October 31, 2014

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Why change road's name without residents' input?
Written by Tammy Wismann   
Sunday, February 02, 2014 11:23 AM

I am writing in reference to the recent name changes of some of the roads in Dearborn County, with West County Line Road in Moores Hill being my main focus. I as a citizen of Dearborn County have personal ties with this particular road and sentimental value of why I feel it should not change. I also feel that the process of making these changes should be dealt with in a different manner from our local government.
I feel, as many others do, that the first step in this process should have been to let the people know that their road name may change and to provide them with a logical reason why it needs to be changed, who is determining the changes to be made, and at what cost these changes will be to the county and to the citizens themselves. In this case, citizens received a certified letter stating that the changes were being made and they had two weeks to make the necessary changes on their end. Furthermore, I feel that changes like this should be something that the County Commissioners, who represent the citizens of our county, need to have the final input, to make sure these changes are necessary and financially sound for the citizens.
If we had a process like this, the citizens would be able to ask questions before decisions were made and feel like they are more a part of their county and better represented by their county government, with many of the questions explained before the process started. Maybe the citizens would better understand why the changes are necessary instead of receiving a letter making people feel they have no choice and no voice in the matter.
Receiving a no choice, no voice letter; most people won't make the effort to call to ask questions, but even when we did call to ask questions, we got the run around about who started this process and plenty of blame being passed to other departments and no good reason for this particular road name change.
I think most people would agree a better process is needed when changes are made that affect the citizens of our county. Whoever makes these decisions should be confident enough in their decision to say who started the process and why it was needed. I feel this change was not necessary, with no one owning up to making this decision and with no good logical reason why it was made. The current process failed our county government and our citizens.
With this being said I have placed many calls and e-mails to our government offices, trying to
understand this change. At this time they are collecting information to see what happened in this matter and we will be on the agenda for the Commissioners meeting on February 4, 2014 to voice our concerns.
I would like to thank all who have returned my calls and e-mails, offered what information they had and the ones checking into this matter. I have further work to be done by contacting more of the citizens affected by this change and hope it isn't too late to stop it from being made. I am making a plea for the Citizens who have already made address changes to be willing to change them back and save them the cost of changing their driver's license or their Indiana State Identification cards.
Tammy Wismann



+2 #1 2014-02-02 20:48
I don't actually live on this road but I live on a connecting road. I also have ties to the South Sparta Community Church and the cemetery. I don't understand why they never contacted these people to see how it would affect them. Do they have to change their deeds? Do they have to change their registrations on their vehicles? Are they going to be able to vote? Do they have to change their licenses? Did they have a lot of letterheads, envelopes, checks etc. for their businesses they would have to throw away and buy new? Do they have to get in touch with all their insurance co., satellite co, phone co. electric co., trash collector, school records etc. Sounds to me like these people have a lot to change. I sure hope they let me know if they change mine and give me a legitimate reason for the change.