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Updated plant sale plants list!
Written by Chandra L. Mattingly   
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 12:40 PM

Here's what's still available at Chan's Plant Sale, and Chan will be there 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Saturday, May 19. After that, plants will be available on the porch and on the front yard tables for self serve.

Here's a nearly-complete listing:

HERBS: anise hyssop, basils including osimum large-leaf, lemon and lime, cinnamon, Round Midnight and Red Rubin, both deep red, and bush; red beebalm, salad burnet, catmint, catnip, Roman chamomile (perennial), chervil, chives, garlic chives, comfrey, costmary, lemon and silver dollar eucalyptus, bronze fennel, fenugreek, garlic, wild ginger (edible,) lavender (special: 1-year-old plants, starting to bloom, $1.50,) lemon balm, sweet marjoram, Marcelka marjoram, common marjoram, spearmint, orange mint, peppermint, pineapple mint, Greek oregano, parsley, pennyroyal (used as a flea repellant,) perilla, rosemary (50 cents each and up,) rue, sage, Russian sage, sarsaparilla (used to make rootbeer,) winter savory, southernwood, sweet flag, sweet woodruff, thyme, orange-scented thyme, lemon thyme, wild ginger, wormwood.

PERENNIAL FLOWERS: Japanese anemones, purple fall aster, hardy begonia (pink-flowered,) red beebalm, bellflowers, black-eyed Susan, Virginia bluebells (Mertensia,)  double yellow running buttercups, Chinese forget-me-nots, sweet autumn clematis, Radar Love yellow clematis, purple coneflower, Baby Sun coreopsis, Early Sunrise coreopsis, dwarf shasta daisies, pink and yellow epimedium (fairy wings - great for shade!,) hardy ferns, burgundy and mixed colors Gaillardia, grape hyacinths, Disco Belle hardy hibiscus, lambs ear, day lilies, resurrection lilies, lily of the valley, passion flower, pinks, tall phlox, red and coral reef oriental poppies, true evening primrose, pink evening primrose, Russian sage, blue salvia, wisteria.

WILDFLOWERS: beebalm, bloodroot, oxeye daisies, jewelweed, Mayapples (special: 50 cents each!), Celandine poppies, tall evening primrose, spring beauties, green dragons, white violets.

OTHER: Watercress, Horseradish, rhubarb, clove (buffalo) current, black raspberries $2.50 each, yellow forsythia (potted, $4 each,) sea oats, castor beans, some red and Sungold cherry tomatoes, some yellow sweet bell peppers, walking/winter/Egyptian onions, ribbon grass. Houseplants including bananas, sensitive plants, pencil plant, lemon & silver dollar eucalyptus, large citrus tree. Some tree seedlings and 1-year-old trees including redbud, mimosa, tulip poplar, dogwood, persimmon and linden. Scarlet Runner, moonflower and hyacinth bean vines. Snow on the mountain and paradise bird plants (seedpods make neat decorations.)

FRESH: bundles of catnip for your kitties, just $1. Green (and a few brown) eggs from the backyard, $1.75 dozen.

Chan's Plant Sale is located at 109 N. High St., Rising Sun, Ind. - right on Ind. 56 before the flashing red light! Limited quantities on some items.

Last Updated on Friday, May 18, 2012 1:34 PM