October 22, 2014

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State school super should support public schools, not undermine them PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kate Nicolai   
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:49 PM

I feel betrayed! As a concerned parent, teacher, and taxpayer who voted for Tony Bennett in 2008, I want answers. In case you haven’t heard, Tony Bennett is the current Superintendent of Public Instruction who has been giving public tax dollars to out-of-state companies in order for them to run private charter schools.

Bennett admits he doesn’t have a problem with the companies who run these charter schools netting a profit from my tax dollars. In fact, he has been eliminating educational freedoms for the children of Indiana one child at a time, all the while taking in HUGE campaign donations from wealthy, out- of-state donors.  

I am a Republican who voted for Tony Bennett four years ago. Not this time! Tony Bennett betrayed my trust as a public educator.

He has systematically worked to pass laws in the name of teacher and school accountability while at the same time imposing unrealistic expectations that even the most dedicated classroom teachers cannot attain unless they are SUPER HEROES.

Tony Bennett is setting up schools for failure with his controversial A-F Accountability Report Card school evaluation system. Bennett’s “Accountability” buzz word is a thinly veiled attempt to further his own agenda.  

Meanwhile, Bennett rules from the top down issuing all sorts of unfunded government mandates to public schools.  Republicans claim to want LESS government intervention, yet under the direction of Tony Bennett, there has been MORE intervention from the Indiana Department of Education.

Further proof of Bennett’s support for his charter school agenda was evidenced in remarks he made regarding public schools in the Sept. 23, 2010, Madison Courier. “When the first school closes because it cannot meet the needs, we will be successful. What a beautiful day that will be.” 

Tell me, is this the kind of person you want leading Indiana’s schools? And, if he is the Superintendent of PUBLIC instruction, should he not SUPPORT public instruction?

The worst thing we can do as parents, teachers and taxpayers is to remain silent. There IS an alternative. His opponent on Tuesday, Nov. 6, is Glenda Ritz. Glenda is an award winning teacher with achievements too numerous to list.

She is a tireless advocate for students and educators who intends to bring common sense and high-quality learning to classrooms throughout Indiana public schools. Glenda Ritz does not have the big-money backing that Tony Bennett does.

Glenda Ritz is running an honest, grassroots campaign made up of people who care about education. I urge you to talk to teachers, parents and students.  Visit www.ritz4ed.com for information. On Nov. 6, I invite you to join me and vote for Glenda Ritz for Superintendent of Public Instruction of Indiana. 

Let’s stand up and take our schools back!
Kate Nicolai



0 #5 2012-11-05 11:17
-4 #4 2012-11-05 11:14
Way to completely take Dr. Bennett's quote out of context, Kate. How about we include the entire article that it came out of so people know exactly what he was saying?
+2 #3 2012-11-04 04:58
"What they do say is "I wish I had ________ for my classroom". As an educator, why don't you look at the Indiana DATA......what has changed in public education in Indiana over Dr. Bennett's term is working for our kids!"
1. Question: How do you pay for ____ for their classroom? Answer: Money. Unless these's none left after being diverted to the out of state charter school companies.
2. Correction: What has changed during TB's term is the test score targets. They were changed to give the appearance that performance has improved more than it actually has.
-6 #2 2012-11-04 01:51
Charter schools are PUBLIC schools. Dr. Bennett believes ALL parents should have the RIGHT to choose their child's school and the money should follow the child. Whenever the element of "competition" is present or elevated, the consumer wins. In this case, the conusumer is OUR KIDS. Respectfully, most democrats what to talk the "the schools need more money" solution.....um, we've thrown more money at schools for years. More money isn't getting are kids smarter or better prepared. How about we get the money we do have INTO THE CLASSROOMS and out of the administrator's pocket??? I work with and know a lot of teachers. NOT ONE TEACHER has EVER told me they want more money. What they do say is "I wish I had ________ for my classroom". As an educator, why don't you look at the Indiana DATA......what has changed in public education in Indiana over Dr. Bennett's term is working for our kids! Don't be scared by charter schools, just do what you do as a teacher!
-5 #1 2012-11-04 00:02
You are wrong. Public school is only one method of del. Tony Bennett supports those of us who are not dependent in Big Gov as the Sue Ritz DEMOCRAT party would have it.