October 23, 2014

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Attention citizens of Lawrenceburg PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sheryl McAdams   
Wednesday, October 31, 2012 10:50 PM

I’m writing this letter to the citizens of Lawrenceburg. There are things that are happening in this current city council administration the residents should be aware of, if they are not already.

Many of you have heard that there will be a tax reduction for 2013 city property taxes, but what many of you may not know is at what cost.

This may cost the City of Lawrenceburg much of the riverboat revenue once the state hears, and I’m quite sure they are keeping a close watch over the city. It was kept here last time by only one vote.

For the citizens of Lawrenceburg who say the city has not given back, look around.

We have the new riverfront Ivy Tech Community College, the schools, the Lawrenceburg Library, The Dearborn Adult Center and the many seniors it serves, in addition to Fall Fest, the community center, new firehouses, new pool, new infrastructure, Lawrenceburg Speedway, the Dearborn Community Foundation, Main Street and all the things that Main Street does for our community. Music on the River is co-sponsored by Main Street, which I know many citizens enjoy and will miss. There are many things I didn’t mention that probably often go unnoticed.

The many organizations the city helps and have come to depend on the city from time to time. I failed to mention that Fall Fest will also be gone as it was not in their budget. As will much of what Main Street sponsors and does for the community will have to be cut.

I’m sorry I just can’t see how this shows these three council members care for this community.

These are three new council members who as much promised this (one of many others made) during their campaign.

Promising to work together for the citizens of the community, I do not see it!

And these three also voted to take away the jobs of four valuable employees and without one thought of the consequences not only for the city but first and foremost the livelihood of these men and their families.

These men were also union members that were fired by a fellow union member. During this meeting there was talk of others losing their jobs due to cuts in their budget! And I say their budget, because the two other city council members and the mayor were unaware of this new budget.

This was so obvious by the expression on their faces the look of surprise and hurt by just the thought of the firing of good employees who are such a vital part to the growth of this city.

However, there was a statement “well” we can always add appropriations. I would not trust my job or future to these three to “add appropriations.” These three very rarely vote differently. Our fire chief and some of his staff were not included in this budget. WOW!

Attorneys and more
These three council members have hired their own attorney and financial advisors. Of course, this is not a problem for them because the bill is paid by city funds. So they can call or have a meet and greet at their discretion, it’s not coming out of their pockets.

But yet, we as a city can’t afford keep the current employees? And possibly cut others. And all to glorify campaign promises.

One new council member who is facing felony charges and continues to get continuance after continuance. Why? The next hearing date now being March 2013, this council member also continues to work for the city, draw a weekly pay, yet votes to cut city employees jobs.

Another council member who has been fired or “laid off’ as she claims, even went as far to try to have the director of Dearborn Adult Center, Marie Edwards (who was before council asking why The Dearborn Adult Center budget took such a major cut and why Mrs. Pope was allowed to vote on the Adult Center budget) to verify she had been “laid off,” Mrs. Edwards reply was; yes Jane you and I did agree to “lay you off’ and we both know why, and you know we can’t discuss this!

What about the third new member and his settlement with the city in a lawsuit? I know I’ve had several people ask why this was not brought out during his campaign.

Yet these three people are elected officials making major cuts and stopping a lot of on-going projects. How could this be?

I’m sure each of us have had issues in our lives where maybe we’re not proud of and are beyond our control but, I believe when you are an elected official you hold yourself to somewhat of a higher standard both morally and ethically.

I would like to apologize to the council member(s) when I stopped in front of one’s home (Saturday evening 10-27-2012) and made the comment if the papers you two appeared to be looking over were something other council members should be looking at as well. It’s none of my business what you two look over, as I’m sure this is a practice that’s done often between you two or three.

When I read the statement made on the Eagle radio where they say we need more people on the loan committee I think we really need to think long and hard before adding any of these three to that committee.

How sad it is to see what our city has become because of these three council members. They don’t care, and if you think they do you are sadly mistaken!

They continually put our previous administrations down! If they had a problem, they fixed it, the mayor, the city council members, and the clerk’s office but most importantly through COMMUNICATION by everyone!

They (the previous administration) did not go out and hire an attorney and financial advisors and try to take over the clerk-treasurer’s office positions or to completely bring our town down and to a halt!!

I would like to say thank you to  the two council members who may not always vote together but you know they care about our community.

It is sad that these two council members and our Mayor are so often kept out of city business until the council meetings. I also believe it’s because these other three fail to include  them!

That was so obvious at the last meeting when this budget that cut employee jobs and so many functions of the community in which we live!

To the Democratic Party, look at who you have representing your board. I just can’t understand how we let ourselves be so drawn in to such personal agendas.

My heart goes out to those who lost their jobs.

Also to the citizens who came out in support of our community at the last city council meeting we need to get involved please! Before these people completely destroy our town!

Sheryl McAdams
333 St. Claire St., No. 206