October 25, 2014

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UPDATED: 2012 General Election Results
Written by Denise Burdette   
Tuesday, November 06, 2012 9:13 PM

UPDATE: Click here to view the results from all the precincts

The following results are for Dearborn County, not the overall totals for state and national races. Underlined names are incumbents.

The results are only 44 out of 45 precincts, due to a problem in Greendale Precinct 1. The votes will be hand counted, but will not resume until tomorrow. Click here to learn more.

South Dearborn school board race totals are final, not impacted by  Greendale Precinct 1.

Sunman-Dearborn school board races totals for Dearborn County also are not impacted by Greendale Precinct 1.


Barack Obama (D): 6,387

Gary Johnson (L): 422

Mitt Romney (R): 15,216

U.S. Senator

Joe Donnelly (D): 7,161

Andrew "Andy" Horning (L): 931

Richard Mourdock (R): 13,279


Rupert Boneham (L): 957

John R. Gregg (D): 6,081

Mike Pence (R): 14,187

Attorney General

Greg Zoeller (R): 13,900

Kay Fleming (D): 6,632

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Tony Bennett (R): 11,837

Glenda Ritz (D): 8,763

U.S. Rep District Six

Rex Bell (I): 887

Bradley T. Bookout (D): 5,787

Luke Messer (R): 14,095

State Rep. District 67

Randy Frye (R): 1,760

Tom Cheek (D): 2,175

State Rep. District 68

Jud McMillin (R): 11,730

Jerome "Jake" Hoog (D): 5,526

Dearborn County Superior Court No. 2 Judge

Sally A. Blankenship (R): 15,036

N. Alan Miller III (D): 6,288

Dearborn County Clerk of Circuit Court

Rudy M. Howard Jr. (D): 5,811

Rick Probst (R): 14,670

Dearborn County Coroner

Steven P. Callahan (R): 12,886

Tracy Cochran Evans (I): 3,422

Joe Ridgeway (D): 4,421

Dearborn County Commissioner District One

Philip (Flippy) Darling (D): 6,761

Kevin J. Lynch (R): 13,727

Dearborn County Commissioner District Two

Tom Orschell (D): 8,995

Arthur Little (R): 11,720

Dearborn County Council At Large (pick three)

Bill Ullrich (R): 13,243

Andrew Addison (D): 5,489

John Johnson III (D): 5,768

Charles D. Keyes (R): 12,422

Randy Lyness (R): 13,282

Teresa Somerlot (D): 6,288

Lawrenceburg School Board District One (pick two)

Kelly Mollaun: 2,183

Patrick Myers: 1,830

Gregory Dean Weldon Jr.: 1,171

Lawrenceburg School Board District Two

Shirley Seitz: 1,216

Stephanie Cromer: 1,076

Donna Thacker: 777

South Dearborn School Board District One

Daryl L. Cutter: 3,133

Jeffrey Allen Lane: 2,322

South Dearborn School Board District Two (pick for two)

Karla Scott-Raab: 2,801

Arlis J. Boggs: 2,308

Billy R. Lane Jr.: 2,444

Steven K. Williamson: 1,649

South Dearborn School Board District Three

Patricia A. Rahe: 2,708

R. Brett Fehrman: 2,757

Sunman-Dearborn School Board District Two:

Brandon "Dusty" Burress: 4,496

Clifford Giltner: 3,381

Sunman-Dearborn School Board District Three:

David E. Anderson: 3,405

John R. McKay: 3,806

Sunman-Dearborn School Board District Seven:

Joseph Graf: 4,232

Michael R. May: 2,822

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