October 24, 2014

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INDOT needs a map; crazy drivers; and PAY ATTENTION PDF Print E-mail
Written by Erika Schmidt Russell   
Monday, February 04, 2013 9:45 PM

This is a what the “heck!?!” column.

First off, the Indiana Department of Transportation gets an F in geography. Apparently someone didn’t actually look at a map when they placed a legal in our paper for a Notice of Planned Improvement for “stream bank stabilization and riparian restoration along Laughery Creek and an unnamed tributary of Laughery Creek, located in Dearborn County.”

Now Laughery Creek is partially in Dearborn County. It is NOT, however, anywhere near Ind. 48 and U.S. 50 in Lawrenceburg as it states in the legal. Quite an oops there, INDOT.

And then there’s the snow panic around these parts. For the record I HATE driving in the stuff, however folks around here, as I’ve seen noted on other websites and as co-workers have discussed, are in two camps when it comes to driving, neither of which is safe.

There are those who drive as they normally do - about 20-plus miles over the posted speed limit, and those who drive about 10 miles per hour.

The lunatics and the slow pokes cause accidents because inevitably the lunatic gets behind a slow poke and tries to pass. The lunatic loses control and before you know it -bang- there’s a wreck.

It’s not always the lunatics’ and slow pokes’ fault. Sometimes the weather itself causes the problem - like it did on Martin Luther King day in Ohio and like it did last week on Interstate 275 and other spots here in Dearborn County. Of course that goes back to the old warning about bridges and overpasses and elevated roadways freezing before other roads.

The interstate off and on ramps count as elevated by the way, so slowing down and not using brakes is generally a good idea, though even that doesn’t always work. INDOT pre-treating roads is about as hit-or-miss as the slowing down strategy.

Throw caution to the wind INDOT, it’s better to pre-treat and not need it than not pre-treat and have a whole lot of people complaining.

I’d move someplace warm, but those places have their drawbacks as well including hurricanes, dust storms, earthquakes etc. depending on which warm state you’re talking about.

And one last word of caution-advice-what-are-they-thinking item. There was a weather-related wreck involving a sheriff’s deputy in another county over the weekend.

According to information sent by the Indiana State Police, the deputy was en route to another crash with his cruiser’s lights and siren on, and was preparing to pass another vehicle when the other vehicle turned left in front of him onto another road. He almost avoided hitting the other vehicle, but not quite.

From the ISP information, it seems the injuries were minor, and the accident remains under investigation. My question is how do you NOT notice a sheriff’s cruiser with lights and sirens on and turn in front of it?

To quote the great Vonnegut “So it goes.”

Erika Schmidt Russell is editor of The Journal-Press and The Dearborn County Register.

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