Appeals court upholds lawsuit decision in favor of Dearborn Co.

The Indiana Court of Appeals unanimously ruled last week in favor of Dearborn County in a lawsuit filed by RQAW Corporation, which initially helped design the expansion of the county’s law enforcement center.

RQAW sued Dearborn County for breach of contract and unjust enrichment. The case was heard in Ohio County Circuit Court by special judge Clay M. Kellerman, who ruled in favor of the county.

RQAW was hired by Dearborn County commissioners in 2010 to prepare a pre-design study for  jail expansion and related issues. The county paid $90,000, but the contract said any further work and cost would be determined at a later time.

Then commissioners in 2012 hired another company. RQAW appealed the initial ruling, and  Court of Appeals upheld the initial ruling.

The county and RQAW agreed to an enforceable contract on the pre-design study, but not on any phases after the study, said Judge Cale J. Bradford.