Beware of scholarship phone scam

The Consumer Protection Division (CPD) of the Office of the Indiana Attorney General is warning people to be suspicious of companies claiming to be affiliated with local high schools and attempting to sell sponsorships.

On Jan. 31, the CPD received a consumer complaint against a business claiming to operate as Touchdown Sports. The complainant said the caller claimed to be with Touchdown Sports and to be calling on behalf of Noblesville High School in Indiana.

The complainant said the caller was seeking sponsors for the backs of t-shirts that could be passed out during high school sporting events.

The complainant also told the CPD that she called Noblesville High School and was informed that the school had no knowledge of the company. This exact scam has been reported in other states.
Businesses – especially locally owned companies inside or near the boundaries of an Indiana school district – should be suspicious of anyone calling their phone seeking sponsor partnerships for stadium banners, posters and t-shirts, among other items. The CPD is advising businesses not to contract with companies claiming to represent local schools without first checking with the schools to confirm the relationship with the organization seeking money.

In addition to businesses, if parents, staff or residents living inside an Indiana school district are contacted by someone claiming to operate a sponsorship fundraiser for a school, the CPD urges them to contact the school in question to confirm the relationship.

If you believe you have been contacted by a fraudulent company or an individual attempting a scam, you can to file a complaint at or call our Consumer Assistance Line at (800) 382-5516.