Candidate committees established

On Oct. 3, Sally A. McLaughlin, established a Candidate Committee for Judge, Dearborn County Superior Court 2, for the Republican Primary.McLaughlin is the incumbent, seeking re-election for a six-year term.

On Oct. 11, Lynn Deddens, established a Candidate Committee for Prosecuting Attorney, Seventh Judicial Circuit, for the Republican Primary.

The Seventh Judicial Circuit includes both Ohio and Dearborn Counties.  Deddens is the incumbent having been appointed to replace Aaron Negangard in December 2016.

Other county candidate or exploratory committees:
Connie Fromhold, Republican, Dearborn County Auditor
Joyce Oles, Republican, Dearborn County Recorder
Christine Craig, Democrat, Dearborn County Recorder
Shane McHenry, Republican, Dearborn County Sheriff
Brad Schwing, Republican, Dearborn County Sheriff
Jeff Hughes, Republican, Dearborn County Commissioner, District 3.
Liz Morris, Republican, County Council District 1
Ryan Brandt, Republican, County Council District 3
Dennis Kraus, Republican, County Council District 4