Census Bureau increases pay for temporary jobs

The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting for thousands of workers for temporary jobs available in communities across Indiana in advance of the 2020 Census.
The 2020 Census Jobs website is now accepting applications: 2020Census.gov/jobs.
Pay rates in Indiana have increased, with a range from $18.50 to $25 per hour. Pay rates vary by position and location. Here are pay rates for each county in Indiana: https://2020census.gov/en/jobs/pay-and-locations.html
Applicants will be placed in an applicant pool for 2020 Census positions in which they qualify for as jobs become available in their area.
The Census Bureau needs to hire about 500,000 census takers across the country in 2020.
In order to meet this goal, the Census Bureau is recruiting now. Census takers count people that do not respond to the 2020 Census online, by phone or by mail.
Census taker positions provide an opportunity for people to earn extra income while helping their community.
The results of the 2020 Census will determine each state’s representation in Congress, as well as how public funds are spent for schools, hospitals, roads and more. The positions offer flexible hours, so even someone with a full-time job can work as a census taker. These jobs are expected to last about six to eight weeks.
The Census Bureau also has current temporary positions for recruiting assistants and office positions.
For more information, visit 2020Census.gov/jobs.
Call 1-855-JOB-2020 (1-855-562-2020).
For TTY/ASCII, applicants may contact the Federal Relay Service at 1-800-877-8339. Visit the Census Bureau on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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