Charged killers face life in prison with no parole

Nearly a year after the double Aurora slayings of Faith Craig and Walter Bryant, Jr., Dearborn County Prosecutor Lynn Deddens has filed a notice that she will seek life sentences without the possibility of parole for the two people accused of the murders.

In a document filed Jan. 3 in Dearborn Circuit Court, Deddens argues aggravating circumstances in the heinous crime warrant life sentences with no opportunity for parole for Cody W. Booth and Margie L. Thompson.

She cites that both robbed the victims; they confined the victims; and killed them “in a single incident.” Deddens adds that Booth committed the murders while on parole from the state of Kentucky.

All the aggravating circumstances, according to Indiana State Law, increase the penalty in murder cases.

Booth and his girlfriend, Thompson, murdered Booth’s grandfather and Booth’s mother in their Aurora home on Jan. 17, 2018, claim investigators.

Desperate for drugs, Booth pinned down Craig in a chair as Thompson stabbed her to death. Booth then pushed Bryant down a flight of stairs, and then stabbed him to death.

Prosecutors charged them collectively with eight counts connected to murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and robbery.

Booth and Thompson stole money, Bryant’s Purple Hearts, and other possessions, and then purchased dope, prosecutors charge.

They were taken into custody by federal marshals in southern Kentucky a day later. Seeking the death penalty was possible until she made the life sentence decision, said Deddens.


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