Dearborn in top 3 for turkey hunting

According to Indiana Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Science Report Spring 2016 Wild Turkey Harvest, hunters harvested 12,081 wild turkeys in 90 of Indiana’s 92 counties during the 2016 (47th) spring wild
turkey season as reported by hunters to the CheckIN Game harvest reporting system.
Ninety-eight percent of hunters checked in game online. The remaining 2 percent used tele-check. Results from the 2016 spring harvest  were 2 percent higher than the 2015 spring harvest of 11,853.

Spring harvests in 25 counties exceeded 200 birds, with 49 counties showing increased harvests compared  to those of 2015. Harvests decreased in 41 counties.

Two counties recorded no turkeys harvested. The top 10 counties were Harrison (363 birds), Steuben (362), Dearborn (330), Jefferson (324), Orange (314), Switzerland (309), Greene (303), Crawford (285), Marshall
(278), and Warrick (277).

The majority of the birds were harvested in the early part of the season and the early morning hours.