Businesses are warned about deceptive letters

Some Indiana businesses have received a deceptive letter that may appear to come from the office’s Business Services Division.

The letter is attempting to solicit Indiana business owners. It is not from the Secretary of State’s office, said Secretary of State Connie Lawson.

The letter informs the business that Indiana law requires a business entity report to be filed every two years and if it is not filed there may be penalties.

In the middle of the page, it says the letter is from a private business that will assist in filing your business entity report for you.

It is legal for businesses to make this offering, but many business owners think complying with the letter is mandatory.

Lawson is concerned businesses may be confused by the letter and may believe responding to it substitutes the need for filing a business entity report, which is required by state law.

Businesses operating in Indiana can securely file their business entity report online at

There is a $10 charge for non-profits to file on INBiz and a $20 charge for for-profits. The deceptive letter charges $107 to file the report for you. 

Businesses wishing to check the validity of any mailing from the Indiana Secretary of State should contact the INBiz help desk at or 317-234-9768.

A copy of the deceptive letter and an example of an official reminder can be viewed on line at

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