Air medical training at Slopes Tuesday, Aug. 15

If you happen to see several medical helicopters headed to Perfect North Slopes, Miller, Township, Tuesday, Aug. 15, do not worry. No one is hurt.
If the weather cooperates the helicopters will be landing as part of the 2nd annual Midwest Safety conference organized by Kentucky and Indiana chapters of the Association of Air Medical Services and the Ohio Association of Critical Care Transport (KYAAMS, INAAMS and OACCT).
This event will include a fly-in by local air medical providers.
Healthnet Aero Medical Services from West Virginia will be presenting a class for outdoor emergencies geared toward healthcare workers in the transport field. This will include multi-station survival training for flight crews on fire building, shelter improvisation, and survival mentality.
The plan is to have several Helicopter Emergency Medicals Services arrive at the slopes near 11 a.m. Their time there will be dictated by call volume and weather.
"Perfect North Slopes is hosting this portion as they agree safety is something that must be planned for before the activity. This is backed up every ski season by their support of National Ski Patrol," said Steve Weber, Chief Flight Nurse, St. Vincent Evansville.