Aurora, Moores Hill benefit from OC grants

Ohio County commissioners received a list of grants dating back to the 1980s and totaling over $121 million from Kathy Kelly at their February meeting.

SEIRPC also has sought owner-occupied rehabilitation grants many times, with the most recent ones jointly administered for Ohio County, Aurora and Ripley County.

Kelly, fiscal manager for Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission, Versailles, told the officials the $121 million were grants SIRPC administered for Ohio County and Rising Sun.

Those include a grant to build the community/senior center; construct the Bear Branch Fire Department station; build a storm water drainage system in Rising Sun; and to create a comprehensive plan for the city.

Just in 2015, the grants SEIRPC acquired for its clients totaled $2,946,650. The total, going back to 1984: $121,659,066.

High watermark
The highest one-year total was $19,545,616, when grants included a half million or more each for wastewater treatment plants at Bennington/Moorefield in Switzerland County, water and sewer system improvements in Brookville, a wastewater treatment plant for Moores Hill, a sewer line in Jennings County, storm drainage for Napoleon, and a fire station at Hanover; and two $7 million grants for wastewater treatment improvements in Jennings County.

In addition to grant applications and administration, for the past 15 years, SEIRPC has done a traffic count program, said Kelly.
If Ohio County needs any of that information for projects or to apply for grants, it’s available, she said.

“Any projects you might want to work on, give us a holler,” she added.

County commissioners president Connie Brown and commissioner Todd Walton sit on the SEIRPC board.