Candidates file for the primary

The following are the names and office sought for persons filing Declaration of Candidacy in Dearborn County.
Certification of candidates filing at the State level has not been received by the Dearborn County Clerk of Court office.

A state candidate list is available at board offices are vote for up to 3 candidates.  Democrat State Delegate Candidates are vote for up to 10 candidates.  Republican State Delegate Candidates are vote for up to 17 candidates.  All other offices are vote for one candidate.

The election will be Tuesday, May 8.  Early in-person voting will begin at the Dearborn County Government Center Tuesday, April 10.

Individuals with Indiana Driver License or Indiana Identification Card can register to vote at INDIANAVOTERS.COM.

Registered voters can verify or update their Indiana Voter Registration, including address changes, at INDIANAVOTERS.COM.  Updating or changing information requires valid Indiana Driver License or Indiana Identification Card.

2018 Democrat Party
Primary Candidates
Christine Craig, Dearborn County Recorder
Ann (Shelly) Snyder, County Council – District 1
Dan Lansing, County Council – District 2
Melvin Kremer Jr., County Council – District 3
Nancy Fahey Turner, Center Township Trustee
William (Bill) F. Smith, Lawrenceburg Township Trustee
Lonnie Walcott, Lawrenceburg Township Trustee
Amanda Vinup Noell, York Township Trustee
Patrick Davies, Caesar Creek Township Board Member
Jerald L. Grace, Caesar Creek Township Board Member
Jill W. Pruss, Caesar Creek Township Board Member
Tristica Howard, Center Township  Board Member
Marilyn Bower, Kelso Township Board Member
Darry Hutcherson Sr., Lawrenceburg Township Board Member
John Johnson, Lawrenceburg Township Board Member
David Todd, Manchester Township Board Member
Gerald Vornheder, Manchester Township Board Member
Leo Martini, York Township Board Member
Christina Fortner, Dillsboro Town Council At Large
Benny Turner, Center 3 Precinct Committeeman
Tristica Howard, Center 4 Precinct Committeeman
Melvin Kremer Jr., Center 4 Precinct Committeeman
John Johnson, Greendale 1 Precinct Committeeman
William (Bill) F. Smith, Greendale 1 Precinct Committeeman
Rebecca Barhorst, Greendale 3 Precinct Committeeman
James Hamill, Greendale 3 Precinct Committeeman
Leslie Lane, Greendale 4 Precinct Committeeman
Scott Libbert, Greendale 5 Precinct Committeeman
Jim Schuler, Hogan Precinct Committeeman
Richard Bower, Kelso 3 Precinct Committeeman
Tim Denning, Lawrenceburg 1 Precinct Committeeman
Jane L. Pope, Lawrenceburg 1 Precinct Committeeman
Richard Richardson,  Lawrenceburg 2 Precinct Committeeman
Amy DeMoss, Lawrenceburg 3 Precinct Committeeman
Dennis Carr, Lawrenceburg 4 Precinct Committeeman
Mike Lawrence, Lawrenceburg 4 Precinct Committeeman
Matthew Gaustad, Lawrenceburg 8 Precinct Committeeman
Dawn Eberhard,  Miller 1 Precinct Committeeman
Dena Tibbits, Miller 2 Precinct Committeeman
Robin Harrison, Miller 3 Precinct Committeeman
Liz Muhlada, Miller 3 Precinct Committeeman
David Stargardt, Miller 4 Precinct Committeeman
Ann (Shelly) Snyder, Miller 6 Precinct Committeeman
Diana Roehm, Sparta 2 Precinct Committeeman
Ann (Shelly) Snyder, Miller 6, Precinct Committeeman

Democrat State
Vote for up 10
Nick Barhorst, Rebecca Barhorst, Christine Craig, John Craig, Dawn Eberhard, Matthew Gaustad, Robin Harrison, Jerome (Jake) Hoog, Rudy Howard Jr., Tristica Howard, John Johnson, Nicole Littleton
Amanda Vinup Noell, Jane L. Pope, William (Bill) F. Smith, Ann (Shelly) Snyder
and David Stargardt

2018 Republican Party Primary Candidates
Connie A. Fromhold, County Auditor
Vickie Hon, County Recorder
Joyce A. Oles, County Recorder
Shane McHenry, County Sheriff
Brad Schwing, County Sheriff
Megan A. Acra, County Assessor
Jeff Hughes, County Commissioner - District 3
Liz Morris, County Council – District 1
Donna Thacker, County Council – District 2
Ryan W. Brandt, County Council – District 3
Kevin R. Turner, County Council – District 3
Dennis A. Kraus, County Council – District 4
Jerry R. Caldwell, Clay Township Trustee
Denise (Cottingham) Bowling, Harrison Township Trustee
Mike Merrill, Hogan Township Trustee
Jim Maune, Jackson Township Trustee
Myrtle M. White, Logan Township Trustee
Laura N. Ankenman, Manchester Township Trustee
Patricia Little, Miller Township Trustee
Craig E. Beckley, Sparta Township Trustee
Katrina L. McIntosh, Sparta Township Trustee
David J. Wunderlich, Washington Township Trustee
Barbara L. Tibbs, Center Township Board Member
Scott Fortner, Clay Township Board Member
 Sue Grace, Clay Township Board Member
Marty Hon, Clay Township Board Member
Connie M. Cottingham, Harrison Township Board Member
John Probst, Hogan Township Board Member
Tom DeWees, Lawrenceburg Township Board Member
Nancy Pickens, Manchester Township Board Member
Carl Andry, Miller Township  Board Member
Randy K. Bentle, Miller Township Board Member
Robert (Bob) Starks, Miller Township Board Member
Rita Cutter Stevens, Dillsboro Clerk – Treasurer
Tom Wafford, Dillsboro Town Council At Large
Casey Finnegan, Dillsboro Town Council District 1
Mary Lou Powers, Dillsboro, Town Council District 2

Republican State
Vote for up 17
Craig E. Beckley, Ryan W. Brandt, Celeste Calvitto, Jessie Doll, Tim Doll, Allen W. Goodman, Jeff L. Hughes, Art Little, Ruth Ann Little, Rick Probst, Sharon Probst, Jim Thatcher
and Kevin Turner.

*Challenged Declarations of Candidacy: Nicholas Strub filed for Republican Sheriff.  Filing challenged.  Filing disallowed by Dearborn County Election Board due to residency qualification discrepancy.