Dearborn continues to be ‘bright’ red

No big surprises in local election results

Not that it was likely, but for the record, there was no “blue wave” in Dearborn County Election Day.

The GOP painted the county “Bright” red Tuesday, Nov. 6, winning all major political posts, many of which the Democrats could not fill with opponents.

Nevertheless, register voter turnout for a mid-term election may have set a county record at 47 percent, but the straight-ticket Republican vote at 81 percent compared to about 18 percent for the Dems tells the story:
Dearborn County has become increasingly red as neighboring Hamilton County, Ohio, leans blue.

In the county’s spotlight race, former county clerk of courts Rick Probst bested Independent Glenn Wright for Third District county commissioner 10,587 to 6,380.

Probst never trailed, but with 10 out of 45 precincts in hand, it appeared Wright might give him a run with the tally at 1,178 to 1,077. Wright now is county recorder, which he won as a Republican.

Results came in quickly. With 36 out of 45 precincts counted, Probst pulled away with Wright falling behind by more than 3,000 votes.

“I want to serve the public and the county with dignity. I have no agenda, but to honor our heritage and plan for our future,” said Probst, who thanked his supporters and wife Sharon.

In a key state race, U.S. Senate Candidate Republican Mike Braun creamed incumbent Dem Joe Donnelly 13,279 to 4,479 in Dearborn.

Braun won statewide 52.9 to 43.2 percent, making it clear that, like neighboring Ohio where the GOP won all state offices, Indiana is solidly red.

In other Dearborn races, County Council President Liz Morris took District 1, defeating  Democrat Ann ‘Shelly” Snyder 4,182 to 1,0≠66.

Snyder kept a low profile during the campaign for a job with the arm of county government that controls the purse strings.

In other county contested races, Republican Kevin Turner defeated Democrat Melvin C. Kremer Jr. 2,854 to 806 for the County Council District 3 seat.

Voters chose Republican Joyce Oles 13,262 over Democrat Christine Craig 4,526 to fill the recorder job that Wright will vacate at year’s end. Oles now is county deputy recorder.

The non-partisan races featured a four-candidate contest for the South Dearborn School Board at large post. Brent Casebolt came away victoriously with 1,491 votes. Suzanna Thies scored 1,116. Denise Rollins took 1,033 votes, and Bill Lane Jr. tallied 773.

In the South Dearborn School Board District 1 race in which Jeff took on Jeff, 2,340 votes went to Jeffery Lane and 1,839 to Jeffery Cotton.

In the Sunman-Dearborn School Board District 6 contest, Dawn Burke defeated Michael Griffin 3,528 to 1,961.

Meanwhile, Statehouse races throughout Indiana went to the GOP often enough to secure the party’s supermajorities in the Indiana House and Senate. All 100 seats in the Indiana House were on the ballot.

District 67 State Rep Republican Randy Frye, who represents part of Dearborn County, said the GOP’s success in the Hoosier state is the result of moving in the right direction.

“Indiana is on a roll. The economy is good, and we are moving ahead on infrastructure repairs,” said Frye.

“Taxes are among the lowest in the country, the lowest in the Midwest. If you want a job you can find one, and if you don’t like that job you can find another.”

Frye said he also is pleased with the large voter turnout throughout the state.

The rest, county races
Sheriff: Republican Shane McHenry: 14,864
Auditor: Republican Connie Fromhold: 14,463
Assessor: Republican Megan Acra: 14,478
Superior Court No. 2: Republican Sally McLaughlin: 14,992 - high vote winner
Dearborn/Ohio County prosecuting attorney (Dearborn only): Republican  Lynn Deddens: 14,922

State races,
county results only
State Senator District 27: Republican Jeff Raatz: 3,456; Democrat Jerome “Jake” Hoog: 989
State Senator District 43: Republican Chip Perfect: 11,064
State Representative District 67: Republican Randy Frye: 2,301; Democrat Cordelle Feuston: 703
State Representative District 68: Republican Randy Lyness: 11,671; Democrat Matt Gaustad: 3,309.
Secretary of State: Republican Connie Lawson: 13,293; Democrat Jim Harper: 4,140; Libertarian Mark W. Rutherford: 597
Auditor: Republican Tera Klutz: 13,048; Democrat Joselyn Whitticker: 4,155; Libertarian John Schick 692
Treasurer: Republican Kelly Mitchell: 13,677; Democrat John C. Aguilera: 4,113
Dearborn County results reflect state and regional results - Red.

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