Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities experienced system wide outages that were caused by an electrical failure issue that occurred on Duke Energy’s 138kV Transmission Line, feeding both Lawrenceburg and Greendale last night, Wednesday, June 19, said LMU Director Olin Clawson.

“Because of the single phasing issues and out of an abundance of concern for our own utility system as well as our customer owned equipment, the decision was made to open our substation breakers and shut down our distribution system,” said Clawson.

Nothing LMU could have done could have prevented the outage from occurring. The outage was on the greater transmission system, and not LMU’s Distribution System, he said.

“Regardless of where the problem took place, and due to the nature of the outage, one of the three legs of our three phase system feeding our community, was missing,” Clawson explained.

LMU customers experienced wide-spread single phasing issues. The results were blown and/or tripped breakers, burnt contacts and issues related to three phase motors, flickering lights and/or fluctuating voltage at your home or business, smoke smell or odor within your home or business, and various other voltage related issues, he said.

“After Duke Energy rerouted the feed to our perspective delivery points, LMU was able to re-energize our substations and therefore our customers.”

Despite substations being reenergized, LMU crews had to work through the night re-fusing cutouts, repairing jumpers and turning on breakers in customers homes who were unsure what to do.

That work was completed about 3 a.m. Thursday.

“We thank our customers for their patience during this time and appreciate the many responses we had on social media on what areas were out and what areas had been restored. This assisted us tremendously in getting all of you back on and out of harms way. “

LMU officially has requested an explanation from Duke Energy about the outage, and Clawson said he believes Duke must submit a NERC compliance report within 180 days explaining the outage.

LMU will monitor the reports and will provide a follow-up with a second press release.

According to Duke’s dispatch, LMU will not experience additional outages related to the June 19 issues.

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