Judge: alleged murderer incompetent to stand trial at this time

Terry Storey, 55, Manchester Township, charged in the murder of his neighbor, is mentally incompetent at this time to stand trial, according to a ruling by Dearbhorn Circuit Court Judge James D. Humphrey.

The judge ruled Monday, Nov. 27, that based on reports from psychiatrist Dr. George Parker and psychologist Dr. Don Olive, Storey “presently lacks the ability to understand the proceedings in this criminal action against him and to assist in the presentation of a defense.”

The conclusion reached by the judge calls for Storey to be committed to the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction. The division will provide competency restoration action. Meanwhile, the criminal proceedings are stayed.

The institution’s superintendent must inform the court within 90 days whether Storey can make a defense within the foreseeable future.

If not, Storey will be committed for six months or until he is capable of standing trial, whichever comes first. If he still is deemed unfit to comprehend the proceedings after six months, a third party will be attained to determine Storey’s competency.

Story was not in the courtroom when the decision was rendered Monday. The hearing was delayed after assistant jail commander Guy Gramaglia testified earlier that Story kept repeating “no court, no judge,” and refused to cooperate when officers tried to prepare him for transport to the courtroom.

Storey, 9432 Ind. 48, is charged with murder and attempted murder after he allegedly shot Brittany Black and her husband, Kyle Black, Friday evening, July 28. Brittany Black later died in the hospital.

Brittany Black and  Kyle Black both were shot once with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Story also is charged with aggravated battery, obstruction of justice, battery on a police officer, and resisting law enforcement. All are felonies excluding the resisting charge.