Murderer Conley back in court

A second amendment to a Pro Se Petition for Post-conviction Relief for Andrew Conley is scheduled to come before the Ohio County Circuit Court in December.

Conley, 17 when he murdered his 10-year-old brother in a way Dearborn-Ohio Circuit Court Judge James Humphrey called “horrendous” in his sentencing order, pleaded guilty in September 2010 to the Nov. 28, 2009 murder. Humphrey sentenced Conley to life without parole.

The case has been tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 11, through Wednesday, Dec. 19, with changes possible.

“The state intends to vigorously defend the just sentence imposed by the Circuit Court in 2010. Andrew Conley’s actions were heinous in 2010 as it is today,” said Dearborn-Ohio Prosecutor Lynn Deddens.

For more details, see the print or online version of the Tuesday, Nov. 6, Journal-Press.


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