Joe Awad/The Journal-Press: New Lawrenceburg Clerk-treasurer Richard Richardson and Tricia Gaustad, chairwoman of the Dearborn County Democratic Central Committee, put Dearborn Democrats in the spotlight which rarely happens in the GOP-ladened county.

New clerk-treasurer chosen

Richardson takes over for L’burg

The political suspense is over. Lawrenceburg’s new clerk-treasurer is Richard Richardson. The Democratic stalwart was chosen by Dearborn County Democratic Committee Chairwoman Tricia Gaustad, who broke a three-way tie.

About 40 people attended the Democrat caucus Saturday morning, Feb. 10, for the showdown that featured seven people vying for the post.

Former Lawrenceburg councilman and caucus member Mike Lawrence voted for himself, as did former councilwoman and caucus member Jane Pope. Richardson, also a caucus member, voted for himself too.

Gaustad cast the tie-breaker, saying Richardson’s service to the Democratic Party has proven him to be honest, competent, and a hard worker.

Before he was named, Richardson made it clear he “was not beholden to anyone,” and he would carry the banner for “equitable government for all Lawrenceburg residents.”

He also said his office would maintain full transparency, and all current clerk-treasurer employees would be retained.

The tie-breaker was made possible because caucus member Aaron Cook chose to cast a vote for no one.

“I’m not going to cast a vote just to cast a vote. I did not want to make a bad vote, so I could not make myself vote for anybody,” said Cook, who also is a Lawrenceburg councilman.

Each candidate had two minutes to present his or her position. One candidate did not show.