Sex offender sweep conducted in Dearborn

A sex offender sweep was conducted as a joint effort by the Dearborn & Ohio County Prosecutor’s Office, the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department and the US Marshall’s and other local law enforcement agencies Tuesday, June 12, said Lynn Deddens, Dearborn and Ohio Counties  Prosecuting Attorney.
Resulting from this sweep, law enforcement officers made contact with 44 registered sex offenders, said Deddens.
It was discovered that eight offenders were violation of sex offender registry laws, one person is facing a probation violation and two individuals were jailed on drug charges, which were unrelated to the sex offender status, she said.
“When I learned that the US Marshall’s were willing to help us ensure that local sex offenders were in compliance with registry laws, I thought it was a great opportunity for us to verify that sex offenders are following the rules. I would like to thank the US Marshalls for reaching out to us, to the Dearborn County Sheriff’s Department, the Indiana State Police, the police departments of Aurora, Dillsboro, Greendale, Lawrenceburg and Rising Sun and the Dearborn Superior Probation Department for their enthusiastic help in working towards keeping our community safe,” said Deddens.