Tools and precautions in place for election

In preparation for the upcoming election, Secretary of State Connie Lawson proactively worked to implement new security measures and resources to protect Hoosiers’ votes.
Voters should know that no piece of Indiana’s voting equipment is online. The machines and tabulators are not connected to the internet.
Some of the tools and precautions being taken in Indiana to ensure secure elections include:
Testing voting equipment prior to use
All voting equipment in Indiana is tested by the Voting System Technical Oversight Program, hosted by Ball State University, for an added layer of safety and security.
In addition, each county conducts public test of voting equipment prior to the election.
Vulnerability testing
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has conducted risk and vulnerability testing to secure Indiana’s electronic information.
This includes the statewide voter registration system and the state election website.

Multifactor Authentication Protocol
Indiana has invested in security by requiring two-factor authentication to access electronic information. 

Intrusion Detection Systems
These systems monitor internet traffic accessing websites and databases.

Security Protocol
State law establishes physical security standards for election equipment. Many county election boards adopt customized security resolutions above and beyond what is required by state law.

Information Sharing
Indiana has partnered with the Election Infrastructure Information Sharing and Analysis Center. This provides access to 24/7 security information, threat notifications and security advisories.

“I take the security of our elections process very seriously,” said Secretary Lawson. “I am working diligently to ensure that every available defense is utilized.”

“Indiana has taken many steps to secure our elections, but let’s be clear: there will always be new recommendations, new technology, and new best practices where cybersecurity is concerned. The way we administer elections must continue to evolve, because this is a race without a finish line. I am fully committed to ensuring that we continue to move forward, using every tool at our disposal to maintain safe and secure voting for all Hoosiers,” said Lawson.

Voters with questions can call the Hoosier Voter Hotline at 866-IN-1-VOTE.

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