Woman who copped cop cruiser charged

The Cincinnati woman who allegedly stole a police cruiser in Ohio, and took it through Northern Kentucky into Greendale early Thursday morning, March 7, will face trial in Dearborn Superior Court 2.
Mary Janay Taylor, 20, of 11910 Hitchcock Road, who copped the cop cruiser from the Forest Park Police Department at about 12:30 a.m., faces resisting law enforcement with a vehicle, resisting law enforcement by fleeing resulting in bodily injury, auto theft, and criminal mischief in Dearborn County, according to court records.
She sped off on Interstate 275 into Kentucky. Lakeside Park police tried to stop the car but Taylor kept going.
Meanwhile, Greendale and Lawrenceburg police, and Dearborn County Sheriff’s deputies waited along the Interstate as the car chase entered Indiana at about 1:16 a.m.
Indiana cops deployed Stop Sticks as Taylor crossed the Interstate 275 bridge.
She crashed down an embankment at the Lawrenceburg-Greendale exit, tried to flee on foot, but the cruiser door jammed. She broke out the window and attempted to flee but was apprehended by Greendale police.
A Lawrenceburg police officer chasing Taylor suffered a minor injury. The officer was treated and released.

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