Volunteers needed for hospital hospice program

Volunteers are needed by Highpoint Health Home Health & Hospice — especially those who possess some very special qualifications.

“The Highpoint Health Hospice Program is looking for volunteers who understand the unique needs of persons who are preparing for the end of life. They must also recognize the needs of the patients’ loved ones and caregivers,” said the Rev. Patti Warning, Highpoint Health Hospice Bereavement Coordinator.  “Their requests can range from household help such as cleaning or cooking to creating scrapbooks or memoirs.”

Volunteers may choose the hours they wish to work and may also specify the distance they want to drive to visit Hospice patients.  Mileage reimbursement is provided for their travels.  Highpoint Health Hospice serves Dearborn, Ohio, Ripley, Switzerland and Franklin Counties.

“Hospice patients may want a volunteer to just visit and chat while the family is busy with other responsibilities,” Rev. Warning explained.   “Another situation could be that the caregivers want to spend some personal time with the patient, so the volunteer takes care of small chores such as preparing a light meal or a snack.”

The needs of Hospice families vary widely.  Rev. Warning will match volunteers with appropriate families.  Volunteers may choose which services they provide, depending on their own backgrounds.  

Some forms of volunteer service are:
Sitting with the patient and being a good listener
Praying with the patient
Visits by veterans to other veterans
Light housekeeping, simple food preparation, easy errands
Journaling, scrapbooking, recording memories
Crafts such as sewing, knitting or crocheting
Hair care or massages
Pet therapy with certified/documented animals.
Volunteers are also needed following the patient’s passing.

The family may want the volunteer to continue visiting during the bereavement process or may need assistance in making phone calls or writing thank you notes.

If you feel you have the time and talents to volunteer for the Highpoint Health Hospice program, please call Rev. Warning at 812-537-8192 or 800-676-5428 or email her at pwarning@myhph.org.  

Hospice volunteers are welcome to participate in all Highpoint Health Auxiliary special events.

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