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Submitted photo: Pictured, from the left, are: Bruno Pigott, Commissioner, IDEM; Rebecca Holwerda, Senior Operations Director, Governor’s Office; Alan Weiss, Mayor, City of Greendale; Sandy Whitehead, Director of the Dearborn County Solid Waste Management District; Julia Wickard, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Program Support, IDEM; Bob Lugar, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Office of Program Support, IDEM.

G’dale recycling program honored

Since the launch of Greendale’s single-stream curbside recycling program, the city has raised its recycling rate by 10 percent.

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Denise Freitag Burdette/The Journal-Press: Roni’s Dance Studio in Aurora has several male dancers in the mix, along with dance teacher Elonzo Coppins. Pictured, from the left, are: Bryce Haring, Coppins, John Rehorst and Brogan Hensley.

Gotta Dance

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Nine-year-old Lawrenceburg resident John Rehorst likes to tell stories.

But when he prepares to spin a tale, it is not with a book or pen.

It is through movement.


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