Submitted photo: South Dearborn Schools Resource Officer, Dearborn County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Brandt, shows the beard he grew for No Shave November.

Santa is not the only good guy with a beard this Christmas

You might not think beards and mustaches would have much in common with Christmas gifts for kids (aside from Santa’s big bushy white one) but this year, at least, they did.

Dearborn Community Foundation Board member Tim Russell, right, delivers a $1,000 grant check to City of Greendale Mayor Alan Weiss, left, and Clerk-Treasurer Mary Jo “Joey” Lynch. The DCF grant monies will help volunteers with Greendale’s community garden project.

G-dale community garden will bloom with some extra green

The Dearborn Community Foundation (DCF), Inc. recently awarded a $1,000 Lauren Hill Make A Difference Grant to the City of Greendale to help with its community garden project.


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