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Submitted photo:  Robert Schuster, Harrison, loved bring smiles to the kids at a local orphanage during his time serving in the U.S. Army during the Korean War. He hated leaving the kids behindnot knowing what would happen to them.

Veteran fondly remembers Korean kids

When Tammy Garcia, West Harrison, went on an East Central High School band trip with one of her two daughters to Washington, D.C., she had a chance to visit the war memorials.

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Submitted photo: Mike Barry, Sandy Barry, Dawn Birkenheuer and Derek Birkenheuer attend the ceremony honroing the 50th anniversary of Richard Sanders, who died in Vietnam.

Vietnam War hero remembered on 50th anniversary of his death

Fifty years may have gone by since Richard “Rick” Wayne Sanders died serving his country during the Vietnam War, but he has never been forgotten by the people who love him.


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