Joe Awad/The Journal-Press: Sam, front, and Vicente, take advantage of warmer temps Thursday, March 7, to chink the historic Angevine Cabin on High Street in Lawrenceburg. They have been carving out and replacing failing chinking between logs, and removing rotted wood as part of a top-to-bottom rehabilitation of the two-story log home. The men work for Woodward Woodcare Log Home Restoration, Indianapolis. 

Historical cabin gets rehab

In downtown Lawrenceburg, the historic Angevine Cabin is going under the knife, so to speak.

Marc Emral/The Journal-Press: School’s production of “High School Musical” are, from left in front, Cammi Caldwell, Clara Dobbins and Noah Blankman; in back from left, Jared Tiemann, director Karine Zengerling, and Noah Arnold.

EC students relate to ‘High School Musical’

It is a stage play – from a TV movie – the cast all grew up watching. Some are excited to be performing it on stage.


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