Chan’s collage: Held in the Palm of God

Boy, what a journey this is, with the stage 4 breast cancer! It’s been three years since this diagnosis, following a stage 3 b.c. diagnosis roughly eight years earlier, but overall, I’ve done remarkably well.
Only now, there are two lesions in my brain, and by the time you read this, one of them will be gone, hopefully completely, thanks to an excellent neurosurgeon. The second will receive targeted radiation in a month or so.
You’d think I’d be freaked out by this, writing the evening before the Wednesday, March 13, surgery – on our son’s birthday, no less! But God has me securely in His care, and I also feel wrapped in love by friends and family, including from dozens of posts on Facebook.
It’s funny, I’ve sent up so many prayers for others, but only now understand just how much that can mean to the individual. I do know the prayers given for me over the past few years have helped keep me functional, able to work and do some of the hobbies I love.
Now my concern is mostly for my family, who will have to care for me as I recover over the next six weeks, and for my co-workers, who must shoulder the burden of my work load. Please be patient and kind with them and the newspapers they put out while I’m gone.
And thanks for your kind words, prayers and thoughts, and for reading what I’ve written over the years. I have so enjoyed so many of your stories and being allowed to look in on your lives.
God bless.

UPDATE: My surgery last Wednesday went well and I am now home recuperating. The neurosurgeon got all of the larger brain lesion, and the second, smaller one will be treated with radiation in a few weeks. Plus I’ll be having chemo again. Thanks for all the prayers and kind thoughts!

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