It’s so hard to say goodbye

When I was in high school, my teachers often complimented my writing abilities.
Voted the quietest person in my class, writing helped me find my voice.
But how could I use that voice?
I signed up to write for the school newspaper. I was chosen to serve as sports editor.
But how could my voice go further?
At the time in Cincinnati there was a regional high school newspaper called Brainstorm.
It scared me to death to go outside my little world, but I pushed myself, and a whole new world opened.
At Miami University I wrote for The Miami Student, covering various feature stories and a few City of Oxford council meetings. I spent a semester internship writing for The Oxford Press.
There I learned that I love community journalism.
Being part of a community in that way is something really special. It is not always easy, especially when someone is not happy with you, but it is without a doubt worth it.
Because I would not have found my voice, if the people of Dearborn County had not given me the chance to share their voices.
And I just want to say thanks.
I have been blessed over the span of almost 23 years to be part of this community.
But at the end of this week, I will leave my job at Register Publications.
Looking back I have helped share some amazing stories. I appreciate every single one. It is never easy to open up your heart and life to someone else, but so many of you gave me that privilege. What an incredible gift.
Forever extra special in my heart was the chance to write stories about the men from Southeastern Indiana who gave up their lives for all of us during the Vietnam War. To their families and friends, I am forever indebted for entrusting me with sharing a glimpse into their inspiring lives.
Saying goodbye is not easy. I think of all the stories I am going to miss having the chance to tell.
My kids have needed to bear hug me more than once the last couple weeks to stop me from crying.
And I hate crying.
But I hope to see some of you again on my new path somewhere down the line.
In that way, I can at least hope, you sharing your stories with me will never come to an end.

Denise Freitag Burdette is assistant editor of The Journal-Press and The Dearborn County Register.

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