Mollaun cites success with announcement to seek 2nd term

Three full years have passed since you gave me the wonderful opportunity to become the mayor of the greatest small city in America.
If I sound a little biased, then you would be correct.
When I took office in January of 2016, I knew that city council and I had a big job to accomplish.
The event center had just opened up in 2014, and still was getting traction to bring events to our downtown.
The downtown was in desperate need of foot traffic to help our small businesses survive.
Many storefront properties were vacant and downtown activity was at a minimal.
Revitalization was nothing but a thought and a dream to bring back the downtown atmosphere that we all grew up with so many years ago.
Council and I had committed to each other that we would be an administration of action, and not just words.
Let’s fast-forward to today and take a look at what we currently see happening within our city.
►Many small businesses/restaurants are open and thriving with potential new businesses/restaurants approaching us on a weekly basis
►Fiber optics is in the final phases of completion which will offer our community something that only larger cities currently enjoy.
►A new civic park to enhance the quality of life for our community and its residents will be completed in 2019.
►We started one of the first Quick Response Teams in the state to help survivors and families after an overdose event. We are now being utilized as a model.
► We are leading a substance abuse addiction initiative that is identifying the gaps that we have within the community and uniting local efforts.
►We have adjusted the budget, and, more importantly, monitored spending to make sure we continue to provide the same services to our community without sacrificing the growth of our cash and investments in light of decreasing gaming revenues.
►Our property tax revenues have increased due to the construction of several new homes downtown over the past three years.
►We have applied for numerous state and federal grant opportunities. We have been awarded over $1.5 million in grants over the past three years. This hasn’t been done by any previous administration.
I am committed to continuing what we started three short years ago. I am officially announcing my bid for re-election to remain your mayor.
Let’s see what we can accomplish together in the second term based upon the success we’ve had during the first one.

Kelly Mollaun
Kelly Mollaun is mayor of Lawrenceburg.

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