Pardon me for patting ourselves on the back

Perhaps you read the story in a recent Register about Register Publications’ winning more than 30 awards at the annual Hoosier State Press Association Better Newspaper Contest luncheon.

The Journal-Press was one of three finalists for the prestigious Blue Ribbon award, and The Dearborn County Register nabbed third place for General Excellence.

We feel good about our accomplishments, particularly as newspapers take it on the chin in these disturbing and malicious times.

The media, in some ways, deserves harsh treatment, but many Americans have become vicious for the sake of viciousness. It reflects the nation’s ideological divide, and it strikes me that many Americans are quick to attack fundamental institutions without constructive answers to better them.

We live in a time during which cowards anonymously write and distribute trash. But I understand that sophism has been around since the dawn of civilization. It would not surprise me if one group of neolithic peoples complained about the cave drawings of another.

I’ll defend Register Publications, with all its flaws, until this damn job kills me.

Like any group of weekly newspapers, we have many less people than before the Great Recession. It is difficult these days to provide top-notch coverage.

Nevertheless, I believe the awards show Dearborn County is in a better situation than many other areas that depend on their weekly newspapers for vital community information.

We want to be acknowledged along with the other excellent services and programs in Dearborn.

That’s the crux of the awards.

Don’t assume that all community newspapers have award-winning news reporters, feature writers, photographers, columnists, designers, and headline writers. They don’t.

I’m embarrassed to tell you what we make, and I probably would be fired if I did. But understand that Joe Awad, Denise Freitag Burdette, Chan Mattingly and Jim Buchberger are dedicated employees.

We have a combined 110 years experience - as far as my bad math reveals - working for The Register.

I’m going to end right here because I’m modest by nature, but do me a favor.

The next time you find yourself complaining about coverage remember that study after study shows that towns and counties that lose their community newspapers lose their identities.

We are integral to Dearborn County. We are a significant part of its history, its fabric, and its future.

Joe Awad is managing editor of Register Publications.  


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