The real killer is the abortionist

In the Register newspaper on Thursday, Jan. 3, an article was written by .Joe Awad, managing editor, titled: Legislators have tough row to hoe with morality issues.

I would like to address this matter more, concerning the issue of abortion.

Indiana legislators are dealing with a Supreme Court decision that is as divisive now as when in The US. Supreme Court in the Dred Scott case, March 6, 1857, which ruled that Black people were not considered persons, that they were chattel property, and were not protected by our constitution, they had no legal rights, and personhood embedded in our constitution was never considered, no due process, justice denied, it took a civil war and the 13th, 14th, 15th amendments to our constitution to right it.

What our legislators are now grappling with has been determined, (wrongly) by The US Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 1973, Roe vs. Wade, which ruled that the unborn child was not considered persons, but property of their “owner”, and could be murdered, without due process granted to them, personhood was never considered, justice denied, that ruling was raw judicial power gone insane!

The advancement of science has shown that the baby is as much as a human as all of us, and should be protected, as well as Mothers, who are considering abortion, should be given help, we can love them both!

Western judicial practices have always ruled that in abortion, there are two victims, the lesser one, and the mother who aborts her son or daughter, the greater one, the baby, who is killed by the abortion.

The real killer is the abortionist, who performs the deed, he or she should tried for capital murder.

Roe should be struck down, and then the people (states) should decide how much protection that we the people want to give to the unborn baby.

Our humanity is a civil and human right; abortion is evil and is a crime against humanity! The root cause of abortion is selfishness.

Patrick M. Conwell
Dearborn/Ohio County Right to Life

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