Is climate change science or Chicken Littles?

Detrimental manmade climate change may be real. I factually don’t know? I’d like to. I blame my ignorance on the lack of a convincing argument.
Its missionaries scare, intimidate and belittle us into submission to their belief. “97% of climate scientists agree …,” “The fact of the matter is…” “Everyone knows ...,” “If we don’t act immediately…,” “The sea is rising, the sky is falling!” The word “unprecedented” should sue for abuse and overuse.
None of this is convincing. It’s sound bite sermonizing sans argument. Is detrimental manmade climate change real? Or is it ideological bias pretending to be science and journalism to control every aspect of our daily lives?
“Respected climate authorities” have prophesied doomsday for decades. In 1967, it was a global famine by 1975. In 1970, dead oceans by 1980. In 1989, rising seas obliterating nations by 2000. In 2008, the Arctic will be ice free and the North Pole in the middle of an ocean by 2013.
Yet, here we are in 2019 and earth abides.
The movement appears to suffer a serious credibility gap. Is this science or liberal Chicken Littles on steroids?
I tire of the daily labeling of naturally occurring phenomenon as evidence of man’s interference in the natural order. Weather, with its constant change, makes a perfect foil for selective data parsing and serial propagandizing. Sometimes a hurricane, tornado, flood or drought is just that.
With a Global Climate Strike, the zealots have loosed a mob of brainwashed adolescents on those who won’t drink their Kool-Aid. While I admire the students fervor, I suspect they’ve been played by today’s liberally biased education system.
It would take a monumental societal upheaval to appease the zealots of climate change and their doomsday prophecies. We need to be presented with more than passionate Chicken Littles without an argument to be convinced.
As Cool Hand Luke famously stated, “What we have here is a failure to communicate.”
We better hope artificial intelligence turns out to be better than the real thing.

     Chet Wolgamot
     Manchester Township

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