Help Aurora Elementary sixth-graders collect food for Clearinghouse

Did you know that 10% of the citizens of Dearborn County live in poverty? Most of the citizens who live in poverty are females.
The Dearborn County Clearinghouse is an organization that provides food and necessities for those in need in Dearborn County, and they serve over 8,300 clients throughout the county.
We are sixth-grade students at Aurora Elementary School, and our purpose is to work with the Clearinghouse to make sure that everyone has a good Christmas meal.
Beginning on December second, we started a food drive at our school for the people who live in poverty.
The kids at AES are going to bring canned goods to school to put in barrels placed throughout  the kindergarten- sixth-grade hallways.
When the barrels are full and we have a lot of food, we will take the food to the Dearborn County Clearinghouse so they can distribute it to families in Aurora so they can enjoy Christmas.
If you are interested in supporting our cause, you can bring your food items to Dearborn County Clearinghouse at 411 George St., Aurora. Please help us by donating.

Aurora Elementary
sixth-grade students


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