Prohibit truck traffic on Sunnyside

For safety reasons, the state of Indiana needs to prohibit large truck traffic on the Sunnyside curves on State Road 148 in Aurora. 
A relatively easy solution  would be to build a short connector spur from S.R.148 to Wilson Creek Road to make that a truck route to Aurora. 
I am one of many people who have been forced off the road or forced to stop several times because a large truck edged over to my side of the road as it was trying to make it around the sharp curves. 
It is only  a matter of time before a school bus and a large truck have a serious accident on those curves.  Large truck traffic has increased dramatically in recent years.   
Money should be available from the recently increased taxes on gasoline and the billion or so dollars from the  new contract for the toll road. Our state legislators should make this a high priority! 
John Rahe,
204 Hillview Drive,
Aurora, Ind. 47001


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