School safety should be a top priority

For several years I have been thinking about school safety and never spoke to anyone on this subject. In fact, I don’t remember reading about any criminal attacks or shootings at our schools.
One reason for safety may be that police officers from state troopers down to the county sheriff’s office and all local officiers do a good job on patrol and crime prevention.
Then I read your article in the Tuesday, Oct. 8, Journal-Press. This was a great report about Lt. Col. Dave Grossman’s approach on school safety. His message was loud and clear; we haven’t had any troubles with school shootings except for the Noblesville shooting in May 2018.
We should make immediate changes, such as protective glass, locks in all doors, equipping teachers with pepper spray if guns are not allowed, to mention a few.
I understand that the sheriff’s application for seed money was rejected for our three school corporations. Now Sheriff Shane McHenry will try to seek funds for school warning systems from  other sources within Dearborn County to get the program running ASAP.
Briefly what does Lt. Co. Dave Grossman’s message say,”We better make some changes or we will have some very bad days ahead of us.”

             Jim McDaniel Sr.

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