Solution suggestions for Dobell, old UDF etc.

I sent an email to the Members of the City Council, of the City of Greendale, Indiana:

To, the Mayor of Greendale, Indiana. The Honorable Doug Hedrick, Greendale City Council,

Mary Jo “Joey” Lynch, Angie Walters, Beth Lansing, Bill Taylor, Jerry Abbott, Paul Titkemeyer, Walt “Doc” Wilson, Ty Bowell, Eddie Edwards, Bob Bischoff, Vince Karsteter, Matt McCool, Linda Cromer, Steve Lampert, David Lorey, Bill Harvey, Dan Lansing, Bill Lansing, Al Abdon, Richard Butler, Raymond Lischkge, Paul Titkemeyer, Matt McCool, Linda Cromer, Jay McMullen, DeWayne Ulhman, Shannon Craig, those who I may have innocently omitted, as well as the Citizens of Greendale, Indiana.
Please forgive the informality of my letter, and I humbly ask that a copy of this email be printed off and distributed to all members that comprise the City of Greendale government.

Honorable Ladies and Gentleman,
I have read the open letter to the People of Greendale from Greendale City Council online as published by The Journal Press & Register Publications.

Concerning the Dobell House and the purchase of the Greendale Food Mart by the City of Greendale.
I humbly propose the City to:
1. Move the City of Greendale Utility Building to the Dobell House. Those offices would occupy the downstairs.
2. Move the mayor’s office, as well as the clerk’s office to the Dobell House, Upstairs.
Thus combining the city offices as their plan suggests they may do with the purchase of the former Greendale Food Mart, thus having all city offices in one convenient location.
3. Install an elevator at the Dobell House. (I am no engineer, but I would think installing an elevator, in order to comply with the ADA, would be no trouble. Placement of the elevator can be done on the outside of the Dobell House, thus not destroying the historic character. Visitor parking could be placed out front. Employee parking, in back. Necessary, but tasteful entries, to comply with the ADA could be installed for entrance to the building.
4. Demo the current City of Greendale Utility Building and Greendale Food Mart.
5. Place a connecting road from U.S 50, to Probasco. Ave.
5A. Widen the intersection of Probasco and Ridge avenues. With the widening of the intersection, by removing the former Greendale Food Mart, and the city building, semi’s would be able to make a left turn onto Ridge from the new section of Probasco  from U.S. 50 to Ridge Ave. Another connecting street from U.S. 50 is sorely needed. Traffic at Ind. 1, onto Bellview Aveunue (Anchor Glass) is problematic and daily back ups are a constant. Connecting Probasco Ave. to Ridge Ave. may lessen those back ups. Even though Semi’s are cautioned not to use Ind. 1, they continue to do so to evade/bypass the scales in Harrison, Ohio.
6. Buffer zones, as well as attractive vegetation can be added to the intersection by planting native shrubs, trees, and grasses. This would also provide noise control for adjacent residences, as well as an attractive entry into “the Heart of” Greendale.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Consideration of these talking points would be greatly appreciated

Ruth Thornhill