Swimming pool improvement proposal based on dry facts

To the baby pool!

No hold that thought. At least until the Lawrenceburg Board of Works conducts a work session Wednesday, Aug. 22, on a proposal for a new “splish-splash” park at the city swimming pool.

The approved version, and there is no reason to reject it, probably will come in under the original $1 million estimate, but regardless the pool needs the upgrades, and I can think of far worse ways to spend taxpayer or casino dollars.

The Kelly Mollaun administration and the legislative branch of the city’s leadership have identified “quality of life” as a cornerstone issue. The recommended improvements are indisputably quality-of-life measures.  

City Councilman Tony Abbott and his wife, city pool manager DeeDee Abbot, made a convincing pitch at the Monday, Aug. 6, council meeting. The husband and wife duo told the park board that much of the equipment for small kids at the Pat O’Neill Memorial Pool is obsolete, and that some features at the splash pad have resulted in minor injuries.

“And trust me, the skinned knees, toes, faces, hands we get over there are quite a lot. It is a running area. That is what it is designed for,” said DeeDee Abbot.

The area is concrete. The new area would be “soft,” she told the board.

Moreover, my family is counting on the improvements. My stepdaughter’s little girl was walloped with the water dump apparatus. My stepdaughter filmed the unfortunate incident on her cell phone.

 I generally under-react to social media postings, but this kid was smashed to the ground and came away with obvious bruises.

Little Nora is tough, but it shouldn’t have happened. Many factors resulted in the incident including timing, balance, and the way she was facing but I can’t call it a mishap because the water came out particularly strong and knocked her to the concrete.

Hey, I like a big splash of water but concrete is concrete and a little kid is a little kid. Time for the concrete to go.

“It (water park area, baby pool) has seen better days, and it’s costing the city a lot of money, and some of the features are even getting dangerous” said Tony Abbott.

There you have it.

But DeeDee Abbot also pointed out many parts for the 10-year-old splash park are no longer obtainable. So why mess around?  

In addition, Tony Abbott said many residents complain the baby pool is too small, and DeeDee Abbot said they call it “the mini hot tub.” The pool holds about 10 small children.

The splash pad facility does not recycle water, making it financially inefficient. The water is pumped through sprinklers or down a slide, then runs to the sewer. More water then is used, he said.

Meanwhile, the baby pool is leaking two to three inches daily, and repairs would require digging, said DeeDee Abbott.

With summer coming to an end, Abbott asked for a vote soon to provide enough time for planning and construction before the pool opens in the summer 2019.

Some proposals are all wet but this one is based on dry facts.

Joe Awad is managing editor of Register Publications.

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