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Class Act

The newest Manchester Elementary School Shiners all had smiling faces with and without their masks. They arrived Wednesday Aug. 5, with lunchboxes and backpacks in tow. After listening to the story The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, in which Chester the raccoon is scared to go to school, students searched for Chester to see if he had any tips on how to be a good student. Throughout the first week, students were taught procedures and routines of the classroom. They learned to carry their lunch trays and open their milk cartons. The class of 2033, front row form left: Nick Brock, Titi Roof, Katie Roof, Jamie Wullenweber, Juliet Woliung, Wesson Harding, Ava Jackson. Middle row: Carter Hulker, Grant Redwine, Athena Mangold, Wyatt Woodruff, Sophia Bowling, Henry Roessler, Elizabeth Crouch, Scarlett Satchwill. Back row: Maggie Terrill, Harley Smith, Maria Gunter, Bradley Johnson, Olivia Brewer, JJ Stroud, Patrick Mangold, Henry Osborne. Submitted Photo

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